I am a web developer from Bangalore, India. To me Web is the space where quick innovations happens and are taken to the public in the very next second. Also the innovative and successful business ideas come from the web world.  These are the facts which stick me to Web World closely.

I roam around technologies like PHP, Python, Javascript and, obviously AJAX. When I started my career we used to think and develop, for the product, with social networking in mind, which was the hottest term then. Now I work in the enterprise collaboration space .

I am a graduate in technology from Government Engineering College, Trichur University of Calicut Kerala, India.

Few word about the product I work and dream for…
I work for the product Injoos TeamWare , SaaS model enterprise collaboration platform, in the cloud. Injoos TeamWare provides a strong platform for SMBs to collaborate, in the social way. Injoos provides strong features for Knowledge continuity and getting your team together to reach your goals. Injoos is powered by a complete online file management system, Website builder and a complete but simple Project management tool. You can see the demo here. Read more about injoos at our blog

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